To Hook-Up, Or Not to Hook-Up: That is the Question

The other day I was joking around with one of my friends and saying that I was once again getting annoyed with the men I was dating, and maybe I should just pick a young, hot guy and just go for it.

Look, I need to work it out and I’m really getting frustrated.  The last guy I was with, was Hot Dog Guy.  Remember him?  Ya, me, too.  And just in case you forgot, because I haven’t, that was back in the beginning of October.

It’s now the end of February.

The idea of hooking-up is always being tossed around in my head.  I mean, it would be so easy to pick out a young, hot, stud-muffin from one of the dating sites.  You should see how many emails I get.  Hell, it would be like shooting fish in a barrel.

Here’s a good example:

FEBRUARY 21, 2012:  Hello there.  So i wasn’t sure what to say here considering everyone else probably gives you the same type of message.

However, i figured i’d be honest and not beat around the bush.

I am looking for a beautiful older woman like yourself to have an incredible experience with. Something ongoing and amazing. I know that there is quite an age difference between us, but i think that is the best part of it. I find the thought of an older woman to be such a turn on and something truly to be desired.

Plus, you’d have a young guy pretty much kneeling at your feet. Worshiping you and treating you like a Goddess. The fact that i am 23 is the best part. I mean, think about it… young guy… in his prime, full of life and energy, CRAZY libido, can go all day and night, recover very very quickly (if you know what i mean) Musician… which means i am amazing with my hands.  I say that is kind of a no brainer, don’t you think?

Not to mention the fact that you are stunning, i mean seriously, i can’t believe you are not in your 20’s!  I’d take you for a hot college student, either that or a hot college professor :p

UPDATE: 02/28/12

Here’s another 20-something year old who wrote to me, “I’m probably a little young for you but thought I’d say hi.”

I cropped out his face to protect the “innocent.”

Do you now see my dilemma?  I think I should get an award for exercising such self-control!!!


4 thoughts on “To Hook-Up, Or Not to Hook-Up: That is the Question

  1. The ONLY way this really works for a women is if she can separate herself/emotions from the idea/hope that it might turn into more! If you can handle – “It’s JUST sex” – absolutely GO for it! Our Sexuality is one of the MOST amazing things we have a right to as Humans and it really is a necessity – not a luxury! Be confident, comfortable, be in control of what you want and be safe! That’s all there really is to it!! My 33 year old this week – was delicious!!

  2. If you’ve got a young man with a body like that who wants to worship at your feet, what are you waiting for?! Go for it, girl! But like Amazing Claire says, only do it if you can handle it as “just sex” with no emotional attachment. I can’t do that, so no young studs for me. 😦

    • Thanks, Michele for your comment. Yes, that is one of the MAIN reasons why I don’t hook up – because I do get emotionally attached and sex is so much better when there is love behind it. It’s not a weakness, it is what it is. We are wired to love and nurture – simple as that.

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