“Had a chance to read your blogs. You’re an excellent writer.  You were right though, it’s like eating potato chips. Once you start it’s hard to stop.  I sent several people to your web site and they enjoyed it too.  I hope you remember us little people when you’re rich and famous.” ~ Robert

“I admire you very much and am a huge fan of yours as you know. You are one damn talented writer and a strong woman, who is not only so beautiful on the outside, but inner as well. You are born to write!! And, I mean that sincerely!” ~ Sheri L.

“…I just mean that you believe in what you preach and embrace/own your heart and mind, and that’s what makes you such an amazing writer and relationship guru.”
  ~Michele D.

“You make me laugh. When I read your blog, I feel like I’m sitting next to you, drinking a beer, having a normal conversation. You’re my idol.    ~ Megan O.

“I read your blog! One thing’s for sure, you should could definitely write for entertainment news. You keep it moving and energetic/ editing out the useless parts! Bravo! As for content, should I take this all seriously, that you have a victim of bad luck? Or is NYC that bad? Confused in Toronto.”

~Ron L.

“Observation of the morning…. Most men probably don’t realize that having intimate knowledge of a woman’s thoughts about guys, love and sex is better than any porno ever could be. EVER. (Or as you might say, “*DING!*”)  Ironically, I may have to stop reading your stuff LOL.”  ~Scott G.

“Where have you been all my life?”  ~Liz P.

“After reading a lot on your blog that I very much enjoyed, I did change one thing in my life, after reading about the guy’s messy bed, with the pic:  To always make my bed.  I had a lady friend come by for dinner and she wanted to see my place.  Well, when I showed her my bedroom, she said out loud, “The bed’s made very nice and smiled. So I won points with this young lady.  Thanks for the heads up on that.  Now to remember to put the seat down.”  ~ David R.

“Hey, you can read about it.  You can watch movies about it. But unless you’ve actually done it, you don’t know about it.  It has to come from someone who has been heartbeat-to-heartbeat,  skin-on-skin.  And that’s what you have to offer.  I think you’ll have a best seller on your hands.  Fuck this 50 shades of grey shit.”  ~ Trigger

“As a receiver, I believe your advice to be on the money and empathetic!” ~ Patrick P.

“HAAAAAA….super hero ass indeed….ok, tall, attractive, funny and red-headed to boot, you, my friend are a rare commodity, (which he means in the least objectifying way possible)…..WTF are you single again? Do you have some disgusting habit or bray like a donkey when someone says something even remotely funny?”  ~ Michael L.

While I can’t relate to the subject matter, you have a wonderful way of writing that draws me in and you want to find out what happened!!”  ~ Sherri R.

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