My Favorite Anti-Valentine’s Day Songs That You’ve Probably Never Heard

Happy Anti-Valentine’s Day or as my friend Erin says, “Happy Single’s Awareness Day.”

To celebrate, I am posting video’s of a few favorite songs of mine that I’m sure you’ve never heard.

These are unsigned artists, so their video’s didn’t have thousands of dollars behind them…but these are truly great songs by some really great musicians and song writers.

In no particular order….

A friend of a friend of mine, Miss Leticia Wolf wrote a song that was was so dark and haunting that I couldn’t help but love it.  I mean, if you’re going to go dark – go really dark!  (Please note the black eye in the Vlog was an accident, and not her boyfriend!)

The Windfields “Dreams Ain’t Paying the Bills” – and oldie but a goodie.  They are still my favorite band that never got signed.

Dean Miller “I Feel Bad”

And another one Dean did…I love his witty lyrics!

The Windfields again, but not with the original band members…*big sad face*

Another band that never got signed, The Billygoats, had some great break-ups songs like “Over You,” “Miss Me,” and “Don’t Phase Me.”  You’ll have to look those one up on iTunes because I couldn’t find any videos on them!

Happy Singles Awareness Day!

That’s all I got.


2 thoughts on “My Favorite Anti-Valentine’s Day Songs That You’ve Probably Never Heard

  1. My friend Heather Eatman used to write songs that would break your heart (“I looked into your kitchen and you were eating me up inside” – Heather Eatman, around 20 years old)…”Hit By The Truck of Love” “Radio Girl” “Black Cherry Heart”…. they ain’t on YouTube (I have CASSETTES I transfered to my iTunes)….

    Was it you tonight, painted by the headlights
    Smeared by the rain
    Devastating jokes, snaking cigarette smoke
    Unending chains

    I’m still a stranger in the city of your heart
    Can’t skirt the danger in the city of your heart

    Johnnie on the rocks, Judy on the sidewalk
    Under that spell
    It can make her talk, open up her pillbox
    Sweet show and tell

    I’m still a stranger …

    I saw you kissing Johnnie Walker
    You could barely stand
    Did you mean those things you said
    Or were you drunk again

    Lips a little blue, overstuffed valises
    Slow-dancing girl
    Taking any cue to snap and fall to pieces
    Like costume pearls

    I’m still a stranger …

    © Heather Eatman,1993

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