On-line Dating: Always Entertaining!

Oh, the joys of on-line dating!  I’ve been corresponding with a few people here and there, but it’s sh*t like this that takes the cake!

CARRIE: Thanks for your email. I like what I read in your profile, but why do you only have one photo?

BRANDON: Questioning my age and whether the photo is real or not is understandable – I suppose; but since you seem to have doubts about me already, I don’t think we are a good fit. Too bad–you’re a gorgeous woman.

What kind of sh*t is that?  A perfect example of a fake profile!  He knew that’s where our conversation was leading to and he wouldn’t be able to provide anymore photo’s of himself. This is the kinda of crap that I have to weed through.

This guy is probably a bored married man, sitting in his office cubicle, hiding behind his fake profile, and looking for some company on-line.  Mother!  Oh, and by the way, he deleted his profile after our last communication – or did he block me?

My friend, Mary, wrote this response to a guy that was clearly clueless:

MARY:  I think you might have winked me twice! I honestly don’t usually respond to those who don’t have much filled out in their profile – did you know there are fake profiles on here? 🙂 Usually the ones that are that short and don’t have much filled out are ones to beware of, but I get the feeling you’re not one of them. And by the way, you’re quite handsome.

RICH:  Thanks. Don’t be so jaded.

Excuse me?  What did he just say?  Prrrrrrrrick!  Mary, I can see the red, warning flag being hoisted up the pole already! 


RICH:  You’re already in “defense” mode via your email, which is a turn-off.  Lighten up. No one owes you anything on here.

Lighten up?  Oh, he did not just say that.  He’s a “Let-Me-Make-You-Feel-Like-There’s-Something-Wrong-With-You,” fucker. 

Can I say “fucker” on here?

MARY:  Not jaded, and not really good of you to say that when you don’t know me – I’m careful, as a woman should be.  Maybe when you reach my age, you’ll understand.

RICH:  Careful of what?

Clearly, he’s oblivious AND insensitive.  Tell him, Mary, careful of those pricks like you!

MARY:  You’re completely mistaken, and don’t tell people to lighten up when you don’t know them – you don’t know the types of freaks on here that contact me.  My email was fairly sweet and open; it was just explaining why I didn’t respond the first time.  Good luck with speaking like that to the women on here, apparently, you need someone who is a bit more naive.

And then she told me she blocked him.  LOVE the “block” option.

On-line dating….IS SUCH A JOY!


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