Why Would Anyone Think This Would Work?

CALI:  Did you get my text the other day?

CARRIE:  No, why?

CALI:  I got this email from a guy, begging me to go out with him.  I immediately thought of you and screened shot that bitch and sent off.

CARRIE:  Oh my God.   You MUST send it again!

CALI:  Here…

POF Begging

The reason why I would use something like this on my blog, is to show how desperate and clueless people have become.  The line, “would you date, or be intimate with someone younger than you” is pathetic and hysterical (hysterically pathetic?) all at the same time.   Cali and I had a good laugh over his desperation and audacity because we couldn’t think of where in the world he got the idea that this kind of approach would work on anyone?   There is no woman out there that would fall for this kind of approach.   Especially someone as attractive as Cali, because not only does this comes across desperate, but it’s also creepy.

Ewww.  Ewww.  Ewww.

And, creepy ain’t cute, sweetheart.

Where does this behavior stem from?  What in his 21-year old head made him think that saying something, so out-of-line, would actually win Cali over?  This makes no sense, and I’ve got ten bucks that says if he saw Cali in person, let’s say at a Starbucks, he wouldn’t dare say this to her face.  No way, no how.

Dating, as I’ve said before, should be treated as if you are going on a job interview.   Singles who are trying to find a mate should be on their best behavior, use spell check, use complete sentences, and most importantly be respectful.   In other words, if you wouldn’t want your Mamma to read it, then you probably shouldn’t send it.


Approaching women is really easy, whether it is on-line or in person.  We are not that complicated, so when a man approaches a woman, he needs to keep in mind the following if he wants to be taken seriously:

Women want to be respected and adored, in a non-creepy way, by someone who is sincere and honest. 

That’s it!

Case closed.

MORAL OF THE STORY:  If you wouldn’t say it in person, then you sure as hell shouldn’t say it in an email, especially if your Mamma wouldn’t approve of it.



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