Please, Don’t Make Me Say It!

I’m not a mean person.  I’m not.  But, when someone corners me, sometimes I feel like there is no other option but to just give it to them straight.

It makes me uncomfortable when I have to do this, but, apparently, I need to, because some people just can’t take a hint.

Here, I’ll give you an example:


ORPHEUS:  Hey there. I really enjoyed your profile…and you hve great taste in outdoor beauty! I would like to talk with you and learn more about you. Do you use AIM or yahoo IM? Or can you use the chat feature on here? Please let me know. J.


ORPHEUS:  hey there. are you able to chat on here?

I decided to go with the canned I’m-not-interested response.

CARRIE:  Thanks for your interest, but we are not a match.

Now do you see that?  I was being nice.  Vague, but nice.  NICE!  But then, he has to push it…and you saw his picture right?  Does he look like my type?

I didn’t think so.

ORPHEUS:  I just figured that both of us have a passionate love of the outdoors, and also I found your photos very attrative. Hey…red hair and tall is a rare but very nice combo. I also laughed at your headline. Good kissers enquire within. I actually view that as a lost art. I can explain in detail what I mean with that later on.

If there is something wrong with my profile, or something in there that makes me seem like a turn off… please let me know. I would like to fix it…. maybe it will help me in the future if I wind up never talking to you. I hope you would take the time to at least say that.


CARRIE:  I’m just not attracted to you – sorry to put it so blunt, but that’s the first thing that we all look for and, if that’s not there, then the rest of whatever you have on your profile really doesn’t matter.

He’s lucky I didn’t add in there that one would think that a person with a master’s degree would at least know how to spell – or at least be smart enough to use the spell checker before he sends an email.



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