Red Sox Guy

July 3, 2010

Hi. How are you?



I just read your email and have to chuckle at the fact that you think people should put in the effort by writing an email rather than a “wink,” but where is the effort in, “How are you?”

Of course, I’m teasing you…. I do agree with you – anyone who “winks” should get automatically deleted for lack of effort. You get what you give. However, if someone writes me an email, I always write one back, no matter if I’m into them or not. I think it’s rude not to, don’t you?

I’m quite jealous at the moment, between your Red Sox season tickets, living in Back Bay Boston, and how much you have traveled!  Lucky you!

By the way, I’m surprised that someone like you needs Match from Hell to meet women.




You are right. I took a big short cut with my email, but then again it was about 3AM, so it probably wasn’t the best time to write something long. So, I REALLY liked your profile and photos. You seem like a very smart, fun, attractive and sexy girl. Everything a man could ever want. Thanks for thinking that I don’t need match, but I could say the same thing about you. We can share our explanations someday.

I’m actually up in Lake Winnepasaukee this weekend. What are you up to?

My email is and my cell is 617-XXX-XXXX. Please use them.


I hope to meet you soon.


PS – I really hope I’m tall enough to get on the ride. 😉



You are at Lake Winnepasaukee?  I’m on my way to my girlfriend’s pool party. I don’t know how much sun we will get, but if I know my friends, regardless, the Sangria will be flowing!

Thanks for the digits! Here are mine: 973-XXX-XXXX. I’m a fan of talking, but I will be tied up this afternoon and into early evening. Text me if you want – and maybe later tonight we can talk? You can text me why you are up at the lake for the weekend….



No joke.  It was literally seconds after I sent that email that Red Sox Guy sent me his first of many texts.

He was very handsome and I couldn’t help but swoon over the fact that he was 6’3″,  43-years old and never been married.  He was a chemical engineer and worked for a major oil company traveling the world as an auditor, working 2-3 weeks, but then coming home and having 3-4 weeks off.  I was thinking that would work for me!

I spent the day at the Hen House drinking Sangria and watching the kids play in the pool.  It was another typical great day with my girlfriends:  Cocktails, kids, dogs, laughter and a whole lot of story telling! (There is no shame, passing judgement or secrets in the Hen House!)

Red Sox Guy and I were exchanging texts all afternoon.  It was going so well that the girls suggested that I invite him over, because he was going to pass us by on his drive back to Boston. 

Wow!  What a concept!  Meet the Hen House when we are at our worst: Drunk, hot and sweaty!  Great idea!

What the hell...

He arrived around 9:15pm.  I thought he was really cute in a conservative way.  I introduced him to all the chicks and their husbands/boyfriends and then shortly after, we headed over to The Shaskeen for a beer.

Megs, the bartender was sitting outside at a table smoking a cigarette when we walked in.  I knew what she was thinking when she saw me. Carrie is here with another guy? I just smiled and said, “Don’t ask.”  I’m sure it looked bad.  Here I was with another guy in less than a week!  Well, hell, I’m tired of being single.  I want a boyfriend.

After a beer at the bar I told him that I was really tired and need to go home.  Plus, he had an hour-long drive back to Boston.  He kissed me good-bye at my car and all I could think about was thank God that was a normal kiss and he didn’t shove his tongue down my throat!  It was a good kiss, too!


Two days later we used those season tickets of his and went to a Red Sox game.  I met him at his place on Commonwealth Avenue and after a few beers on his balcony and a yummy make-out session, we walked over to the game.

These seats did not suck!

It was a great date.  I felt comfortable with him.  He made me laugh as I found out that he had a great sense of humor.  He even leaned over and kissed me a few times during the game and eventually put his arm around me.

When the game ended (the Sox won by the way), jumped into a pedicab and headed back to his place.

Once we were back at his condo, the make-out session continued, but things got too hot and heavy, so I told him that I had to leave.  I really liked him and didn’t want to spoil everything by sleeping with him too soon.  That would not have been good!

It was difficult, but I left that night and drove the hour-long ride from Boston back to New Hampshire.

He wanted another date the following day, but I had to take a quick trip to New York.  I assured him I would be back in a few days, so we schedule our second date a week later.

However, while I was gone, we kept playing phone tag and his texts were sporadic.  Something was up; just couldn’t put my finger on it.

Monday, when I came back to town I sent him this text:

CARRIE:  Hi!  Are we still on for Tuesday?

RED SOX GUY: Sadly, I’m not going to be able to see you tomorrow.  I met someone that I want to pursue.  Sorry.

CARRIE:  See? This is why I didn’t sleep with you.  Well, I had fun on our date and that’s what it’s all about, right?  Best…

RED SOX GUY:  Yes.  If you lived closer it could have been you, because I definitely liked you.

CARRIE:  I really liked you, too. I wish we could have talked before you made your decision.  For me, when I like someone, distance doesn’t matter. But that’s just me.  Well, no hard feelings.  Anyway…that’s that.

RED SOX GUY:  Should I let you know if I become single?

CARRIE:  I’m glad you were upfront and honest and didn’t keep dating the both of us – that would have been douchy… Glad you are not that guy.  So the answer is yes.  When it rains, it pours, right?  😉

RED SOX GUY:  It’s not that bad.  I’m sure I’ll be free again someday.

And that, my friends, is a prime example of my luck when it comes to dating!

I’m so frustrated!


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