Guy Smiley – Oh, the Humiliation!

Oh, my God.  I just did the unthinkable!  After a lovely date with a very decent and polite guy…  Oh, hell, I’ll just let you read our correspondence and you can see for yourself.

Hi Royalvelvet!

I really enjoyed reading your profile, and your photos are absolutely lovely….

Seems we have something in common. I recently moved back, (about a year and a half ago) to New Hampshire after living in the Midwest for the last 22 years. New Hampshire is a wonderful state.  It is funny, since being on Match, I do get woman who live in Massachusetts write to me and say, “You seem so cool–what are you doing in New Hampshire?” I just have to laugh.  Additionally, we both have an interest in writing. While I don’t make my living as a writer, writing does help me learn and figure out how to live. I do write on a daily basis, and have been published on journal writing and the creative process. So, perhaps we would have a lot to talk about….

In the interest of being transparent, you sound like someone I would like to meet in person.  I would be happy to meet you for a coffee or a drink if you are available to meet.

Awesome!  I love a guy who steps up, instead of standing around kicking tires.   Who the hell wants to do a million emails back and forth and play 20-questions – only to be disappointed when meeting in person?  (I learned my lesson with Beef Cake never to do that stupid pen-pal thing ever again.)

I was on a roll, dates were coming in left and right, so I figured I’d pencil him in for a date that Friday night.  After all, he had blue-eyes, handsomely bald, and 6’4” – with a beautiful smile!  What more could a girl ask for?

We meet at Michael Timothy’s for dinner in Nashua.  It was a beautiful summer evening, so it was easy to play up my femininity with a girlie skirt, high heels and my pretty, new summer satchel.

Our evening together was a delight.  We ate dinner outside on the patio.  We both ordered colorful fruity martini’s and made sure our waiter kept us up-to-date on the Red Sox game.  Talking with Guy Smiley was easy, although, I have to admit that he was a little bit of a conversation hog…

He was handsome, but, throughout the evening, I sat there and wondered what it would be like to kiss him.  Would he be a good kisser?  Did I see myself kissing him?

Did the fact that I was even questioning it mean that I was not feeling the pull?

I ordered another martini just so I could relax and stop the over-thinking.

Fast forward to the following morning…I receive a text from my friend Justine:

JUSTINE:  How was your date last night?

CARRIE:  Super handsome.  Better in person.  A perfect date.  He was a gentleman.  A little chatty, though.  But, he didn’t kiss me.  He said he doesn’t kiss on a first date?  WTH?  But, he did kiss me on the cheek…then down on my neck.  *gulp* Smart man leaving me in suspense.  He asked if I was interested in a 2nd date.  He did everything right.  EVERYTHING.  And, he’s from NH!!!

OK – stop!!!!!!

Unfortunately, after I sent that text – and the two texts following that to Justine  – I realized that I had actually sent them to Guy Smiley and not to Justine.

How the hell did I do that?

Oh, my God…the humiliation!

After realizing what I had done, I knew there was no way of taking it back and the only thing I could do was just own it.

So, I did…

CARRIE:  Oh, that’s just great…  Now you know how our date went.  Justine asked just asked how our date went – and my Blackberry was still on your text when I replied.  Nice.  I guess nothing is a secret now.  🙂

Further adding to my humiliation, he didn’t reply.  But, I had hope.  I knew we both enjoyed ourselves on the date.  Besides, who can resist me?

I’m fun and funny – easy on the eyes, and funny…

Did I mention I was funny? 


Three hours later, I got a email from Guy Smiley.  Once I saw that he was writing through, I knew what he was about to say wasn’t going to be good.

Hi Carrie,

I got your text messages this morning. I am glad that you enjoyed last night, and it was great meeting you. I do think that what was missing during the course of the evening together was a sense feeling of chemistry between you and I.  It is strange for me to write that because you are, without question, you are a strikingly beautiful woman.

I do wish you the best of luck in your search for love and companionship.

Be well…

Ahhhh jeeze! Back to the drawing board.



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