Love When You’re Ready, Not When You’re Lonely

How many people do you know who “relationship jump?” They go from one relationship immediately into another without really mourning the loss of the last relationship – or even thinking through the mistakes they previously made. It’s like they think being alone is a disease that must be avoided at all costs, even if it means picking the wrong person again.


JOHN:  I know that thing you posted [on Facebook] about relationship jumpers wasn’t directed at me, but it still stung…but I’m glad.

CARRIE:  I’m trying to help us all wake up to making better choices…including myself.

JOHN:  I LOVE that you acknowledge your shortcomings and seek to improve yourself…nothing less attractive than someone who lives in a glass house and throws REALLY BIG STONES at other people living in the same house.

CARRIE:  Thank you.  I’m definitely self-aware and I think that’s what makes me able to really understand other people.  Can I quote you on that?

JOHN:  You certainly can.  I am about due to be quoted again anyways, aren’t I?

CARRIE:  Oh, definitely.  Wait until you read “The Nurse.”  I’m trying to finish it.  Not sure what’s taking me so long.  It’s probably because I rewrite a lot.

JOHN:  Do I get quoted in that one?

CARRIE:  Nope.  Just a good story – I think.

JOHN:  *IN A GOOFY VOICE*  OOOOO, I LOVE a good thtory!  Doth it have a happy ending?

CARRIE:  *GIGGLES*  No, just more advice stuff.

JOHN:  That kind of thuckth!  When are you gonna tell a thtory with a happy ending?

CARRIE:  When I got one!  Wheeeeeeeehhhhhhh….

JOHN:  I love it when you pout and whine.

CARRIE:  I’m pouting alright…

JOHN:  Poor Carrie…

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