Someone Left a Note on My Car

I was out at the Shaskeen last night, and ended up meeting a few nice people, which always happens whenever I’m there.  I know I’m biased when it comes to this bar, but it seems like I always meet interesting people who can hold an intelligent conversation. For instance, a few months ago, I met the Chairman of the NH GOP, Wayne MacDonald, and just last weekend I was talking to a wonderful group of guys who were off-duty police officers.

Never a dull moment at the Shaskeen…

Anyway, I ended up staying a few hours after having a shot of Jack Daniels and told my friend Shawn to come join me if he was out and about.  I let him know that I’m at The Shaskeen and send him this text:

CARRIE:  I’m at the front bar.  There’s a really good band playing here tonight.

Unbeknownst to me, after I sent that text and while I was sitting at the bar chatting with a guy and his friend, Shawn had sat down right next to me and was watching me carry on with the two guys.   And, instead of tapping me on the shoulder to let me know he arrived, he starts texting me instead…

   SHAWN:  You’re taller than me sitting down.

   SHAWN:  I’m behind you when you finish.  🙂

   SHAWN:  I’m going to grab your super hero ass in a second.

   SHAWN:  The hair flip was a nice touch.

   SHAWN:  Seems sincere, but the tattoos worry me.

   SHAWN:  That ring is toooooo big.

   SHAWN:  Grande Rojo!!!!!

   SHAWN:  You hungry????

I’m not one of those girls who sits at a bar and then stares into her cell phone all night, so I did notice any of Shawn’s texts.  (Who is going to approach you at a bar if you are engrossed with your cell phone?)

In the middle of a discussion about music with the guys, and giving the plug on my favorite Nashville Rock-a-Billy band, “The Billygoats,” it was only after Shawn’s last text did I check my cell phone.

I read his texts and I immediately turn around and find Shawn sitting right next to me.  This, of course, makes me laugh out loud, because I know he was happily observing the guys hits on me.

Shawn and I chit-chat for a bit and then we leave to go get something to eat down the street at Margarita’s.

After a good talk and catch up over some Mexican food, we leave and I walk back to my car, which was parked directly across the street from the Shaskeen.  When I get to my car I notice this on my car window:

(I blacked out his phone number and name to protect the innocent.)

Now, a few things crossed my mind when I saw this…

First, I thought my friend Shawn was pulling my leg and had left this on my car.  Then I decided it wasn’t him.  But then who?  I was confused, because if someone saw me inside the Shaskeen, then how did they know my car?  And, if they saw me get out of my car and walk into the Shaskeen, why wouldn’t they just come over and talk to me?

This leads me into my next point:  Men, why would you leave an anonymous note on my car and think that cursive handwriting and flattery will provoke a phone call from me?  How do I know you aren’t missing your front tooth and could be weighing in at 300 pounds?  How do I know you are not old enough to be my grandfather?  And, look, if you’re too shy to approach me in person, it means you are hiding something….

(I know it’s a bit much, but I’ve been at this a lot longer than most.)

Now, don’t get me wrong, I think the gesture was very sweet, but it would have been less creepy and more sincere if he just approached me in person.

I’m approachable!

So, those are my thoughts about this anonymous note.  I’m open to any thoughts and suggestions.


PS:  If you do go down to check out The Shaskeen, be sure to check out my beautiful and lovely pansies I planted in the window boxes.  I was appointed the Window Flower Box Director!

Just wait until this summer what magic is going to happen in those window boxes!  Whoop!

8 thoughts on “Someone Left a Note on My Car

  1. Sadly, her two friends left immediately. Clearly, they and the “Post it” guy were intimidated by my stature.

  2. Carrie, you need an assertive, confident guy. Someone who’s too shy to approach you in person would not be able to handle dating you. It’s possible that if you had guys around you all night, he didn’t have an opportunity to approach you, but he’s better off waiting until the next time you’re there. I agree it’s sweet (and a little bit stalky), but it’s not enough. A move like that alone sort of puts him in the friend zone.

    • Actually, I thought about it some more, and the idea of a guy noticing a girl, figuring out which car she drives, and leaving a note on her car is UBER CREEPY! That’s basically in the category of stalking and desperation, and it’s a sign of a low self-esteem. The use of cursive writing is also a bit effeminate and that writing style looks like someone who was struggling to write that way. So, either he’s trying to disguise his handwriting or he rides the short bus….probably both.

  3. Oh man, total stalker! That’s just creepy. It’s like someone coming into your house and looking over your unmentionables, then leaving a note on them to say “Nice panties. Call me.” Gross.

  4. Its all about opinion. I have a question for you, how many people that you’ve know for 10-15 years have disappointed you?

    A few for me, so my point is “you never know”…. Just proceed with caution…

    What if he simply made a decision that made him seize the moment? What if in a flash, you could have been gone? St least the note provides a 50/50 chance of a conversation!

    Too cautious in life will stop you from attaining something possibly fabulous…

    • Haha..thank you for your comment. But considering that I’m a very tall redhead that is hard to miss and that I had parked across the street from the pub I walked into, I still feel that either this was fake or the guy just lacked balls. I don’t need to date either. 🙂

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