Guess Who I Bumped Into Today…

So!  Guess who I bumped into today…

It’s amazing to me that in a town of 110,000 people, the likelihood of  bumping into someone, who you would rather not see ever again, one would think, the odds would be in your favor.

But nooooo…..

Who was it?  I’ll give you a hint:  We had three coffee “dates” and then he decided not to pursue me because when we met on Plenty of Crap,  I was still living in the NYC area, but I was seriously considering moving back to New England.  Thus, my reason for fishing in a New England pond.  This is the same guy who said, while we were sitting in Starbucks: “Basically, call me when you get settled in back here. We’ll keep in touch, but I just can’t date you, unless I know you are 100% available.”

Did you guess Mortgage Guy?  (If you are a new fan, you’ll need to catch up to speed and read (click on the links) Mortgage Guy I, Mortgage Guy II, and Mortgage Guy III.)

I was at Staples today and after spending 20 minutes trying out all their office chairs, I finally found the one.  While I waited for the store clerk to bring out my new chair from the back, I happened to catch a tall guy out from the corner of my eye.  It happened to be Mortgage Guy, and his daughter.

At first I hesitated, because there is that awkward moment when your eyes meet with someone you recognize.  He gave me a weak smile and waved hello, so I did the same, minus the hand gesture.   It was a moment of, hey I know you, but also, I also remember you were a bit of a jerk to me.

So, what was I to do?

Considering it had been about two years since our coffee dates, I decided to take the high road and just gave him a small smile of acknowledgement and then turned around and continued waiting for my new chair.  I certainly wasn’t going to go out of my way to be overly nice to someone who wouldn’t even buy me more than a damn coffee.  What I learned from that was this:  If he couldn’t be bothered with trying to impress me, then I couldn’t be bothered either.

It’s funny how my attitude towards dating and men have changed over the years.   I no longer get excited about bumping into guys like him anymore.   I gave him his chance, and like my brother has always said, “Opportunity, only knocks once.”

I was, however, extremely excited to put my new office chair together and try it out when I got home!  Because there’s nothing like some nice lower-lumbar support to make a girl happy.



Priorities, people.



One thought on “Guess Who I Bumped Into Today…

  1. Awkward. Brava for handling it so calmly and maturely! A great office chair with nice lumbar support is way better than a jerk like Mortgage Guy.

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