The Ken Doll: How to Flirt On-line

I nicknamed this guy from OK Cupid “Ken Doll,” because he simply looks like one.  Dirty blonde, perfect teeth and 6’3″!! 


And, do I care he is only 29-years old?


How to Flirt:  Lesson #1

KEN DOLL: I like how you list “kissing” as something you are good at. By the looks of you, I believe it.

CARRIE:  Actually, I’m very good at it. I like it slow and sensual. Is that too much to say on a first email???? But, I do appreciate someone who values kissing. And how about you?

KEN DOLL:  Kissing is everything. I also like it slow and sensual. Sounds like we would at least be good at one thing together.

CARRIE:  Kissing IS everything. Sensual is my middle name. My name is Carrie. What is yours?

KEN DOLL:  That’s a beautiful middle name. My name is Ben.

CARRIE:  Ben, nice to meet you. Seeing that I shared my middle name with you, would you like to share yours with me? I think it’s only fair.

KEN DOLL: Aroused is what my middle name would be after this conversation.

CARRIE:  I can only imagine what your middle name would be after we kissed…

KEN DOLL:  And I’d hope your middle name would remain the same. Potentially a hyphenated version. You ever make it down to Boston?

CARRIE:  Of course.  I will be in Boston on Tuesday.

….to be continued!!!!!

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