No More Older Guys, Please!

So, that’s it.  No more older guys.  I’m done.  Two unsuccessful dates in a row, one with Mr. Vermont and the other with Finance Guy.  Both of them were 47-years old.  I’m done.  Look,  I realize that 47 is within my age bracket, but they both just seem so much older than me.  They looked older than me.  They act older than me.  I’m silly!  I’m fun!  I think I just want someone younger…

I know I come from a good gene pool, because both me and my brother look younger than what we actually are – and oh, God, please don’t let him tell you he’s my younger brother, which he loves to do, because he is definitely older!

Somehow, both Nathan and I have managed to age without any wrinkles so far – probably, because we both have stayed out of the sun.  For me, it’s because the sun doesn’t like me.  My Prescriptives Flawless Skin makeup even has SPF15 in it – it’s my secret weapon! Plus, I also put sunscreen on my face if I know I will be spending any length of time outside.

So far, so good.

My brother has stayed out of the sun, too!  But not on purpose like his sister.  He’s a vampire bartender, so he lives mostly at night.

No sun =  No wrinkles.

(Now if we can only do something about his salt & pepper hair….)




Where was I?  Oh, yes…dating older guys.  Ya, I’m over it.  For me, I base my attraction from this simple, yet effective, question: “Can I see myself kissing him?”  And, often, when it comes to guys who are older than me – the answer is a big, fat NO!  Although, to me, older men are usually more established and they know who they are. Most importantly, they know what they want.  Younger guys get easily distracted, especially if they have more than one woman interested in them.

Uhg!  What do I know…I’ll probably be eating my words soon – like I always do.


I hate to put any restrictions on my dating life but, right now, this is how I feel.


3 thoughts on “No More Older Guys, Please!

  1. This remind me of a friend of mine. She is in her 50’s and look like she isin her late 30’s early 40’s. She is divorced and dating. She loves to date younger men because they are more fun like her. I have to tell her about this post LOL!!

  2. Oh you know you can’t lump the oldies all together! My hubby just turned 49 and he is still FINE! I tell him he is the oldest man I have ever kissed!!!

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