This Is How You Breakup

I have to post this – this is from a year ago from a guy that I dated: HarvardScorpio.  We met on Match from Hell and I was happy as hell with him because he was one of those really good looking guys who didn’t know it.  Plus, he was a Harvard graduate, a Freemason and had lived in Boston for 10 years.  (You know I like my New England men!) 

The dates were good and the kissing made me melt.  Man, was he a good kisser.  (It must be a Scorpio thing.)  Everything was going great, but I could feel something wrong was in the air – I just couldn’t put my finger on it.


That was until I got this email from him:


Hmmmmm….I am writing to tell you that I have to stop pursuing a relationship with you.

I must apologize.  I have been talking with my ex-girlfriend, as it seems that there are still unsettled issues.  I kind of feel like a fool, after all of the conversations we have had about it…but…I do still have strong feelings for her.  It seems they are easy to avoid when you are not talking, and re-surface when you are…

I remember you talking about that self-centered guy, who didn’t really care about anyone, but himself.  So, I am trying to show you respect by being truthful with you and taking the time to express my feelings.

Carrie, I can’t say enough wonderful things about you – you reminded me of a lot of things that were once important to me that I hadn’t thought about for quite awhile.  You really are something else.  A real lady – a dying breed.  I am grateful for the time that we spent together, and don’t think that I will ever forget you. I hope that you can take the time that we spent together at face value, and understand that it was genuine.

I don’t know if you are able to still keep in touch, but I would like to, and would feel lucky to consider you a friend. 

I really did want to call, but I am afraid all of this would not come out the right way! Please understand…

My deepest respect,


So, that was that.  I really appreciated his honesty and the fact that he didn’t just stop calling, like most boys do.  Clearly, he was a man with integrity and knew I deserved to know the truth.  Yes, it stung, but it was the right thing to do.  And I realized it wasn’t about me.  He was still in love with his ex.  (They had only been broken up for a month after being together for two years.)  So, even though we really liked each other, I could understand why he chose her and not me.


Plus, it was a nice gesture to want to stay friends and quite the compliment, but I just couldn’t watch he and his girlfriend go off and live happily ever after.  That would have been pouring the salt on the wound.

I did send him a really nice reply – a nice, sweet email wishing him well but that I couldn’t be friends with him.

I’m so fucking gracious.

You know I’ll be adding this one to the long list of reasons why I’m still single: He went back to his ex-girlfriend.  Check!

I’m getting really tired of saying this, but…


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