Like a Moth To a Flame

Mother of God, I’ve done it again!  Yes, after being on and off over the last couple of years, and after I swore it was a complete waste of time – I joined, again.   Yes, apparently, I’m a glutton for punishment.

If you’ve never had the honor of experiencing on-line dating, consider yourself extremely lucky.  I am convinced that 95% of the men on there have some sort of under-lying issue, personality disorder, ulterior motive or mental dysfunction – or all of the above.

Like most people, I won’t date anyone from work – not that I’m even remotely interested in anyone there, but as my brother once said to me about dating, “Don’t poop where you eat.”

(Well, he didn’t say “poop,” but you get the idea.)

Furthermore, the way I see it, I need a job more than I need a boyfriend.  So, that’s never been an option.

Another reason why I need a tool like, is that I don’t go out that often, and if I do, I’m with my girlfriends.  When I’m out, I’m there to spend time with my them – not scout for boys.  Plus, who wants to meet your future honey in a bar?  Maybe I’m limiting myself?

So, what’s a girl to do?  I’ve been single for seven years, and I’m not giving

up…so, even though I said last time that I’d rather chew glass than to ever be a part of this crazy, upside down way of meeting someone, here I am – like a moth to the flame – a member of



3 thoughts on “Like a Moth To a Flame

  1. Eharmony is not the ideal site either. NONE OF THE ONLINE DATING SITES ARE IDEAL. THAT’S THE BOTTOM LINE. Eharmony limits you to not being able to “shop” yourself and only the 4 or 5 matches per day they send to you. And they are not always right. I found it to be boring – and WAY TO RIDICULOUSLY EXPENSIVE. There are pros and cons to all these sites, I’m just saying.

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